About Us

LouisaHi, my name is Louisa and I offer cookery courses from my home in the Gers, South West France.

I am married to Stuart and we have two children, Harmonie and Phoenix who are both bilingual. We live on and operate a 120 acre organic farm, raising the local Porc Noir de Gascon. The farm is situatedin an area of outstanding natural beauty with views of the Pyrenees mountains from the front door. We are almost completely self-sufficientin food from the animals that we raise and the fruit and vegetables that we grow.

As a family we have many varied interests including music, reading, most outdoor sports and activities as well as arts and crafts. Both myself and Stuart are keen cooks and Harmonie loves baking.

EmilyOur extended family consists of three English Setters, a Griffon Bleu de Gascogne and a cat which are family pets that live with us in the house as well as several Border Terriers that are working animals and live outside. We also raise and tend to our Gascon Black Pigs, chickens, ducks and geese.